About me

Born in 1982 in Taiwan. Yiting graduated from the Changhua University of Art.

She moved to Europe after her studies and acted as a performer and photography and artistic model. She worked with many well-known art directors and photographers who added a lot to her knowledge and enriched her understanding of art.

She perceives life and people as a part of a life carnival. “Life is a play” according to her.

As her parents are art teachers, Yiting was surrounded by art from early childhood. No wonder she started to produce mature artworks since 2012 using a number of media in drawings, paintings and photography. Having no limits in art expressions she found a source in her inspiration in self-portraits and artistic nude portraits. She found her inner strength in female body and its curvy shapes on which she often adds a wild touch. Although she is always in search of fresh ideas and new artistic paths, women for Yiting are an infinite source of creations and expression with powerful eroticism.

email: pinkkitty1216@gmail.com

To see my works  as a model link below